Jack Tompkins aka YouKnewJack moved to Los Angeles in 2005 on a whim the day after graduating. He found work doing lighting for ESPN and other networks. A coworker needed help with lighting at a private members club leading him to work behind the booth with some of the top Dj’s in Los Angeles. Many nights after watching the late DJ AM, and other big names in the LA music scene such as Graham Funke and Stonerokk, he took an interest in DJ’ing.
Already working hands on technically he picked up fast and began to hone in on the talent.

Beginning with residencies at Los Angeles nightclubs such as the recently re-opened Hyde, Area, Playhouse he soon switched paths.
Filling in for a friend at the Fairfax DJ hot spot The Dime began a what is now a 9 year Wednesday night residency there. The bar has nightly DJ’s and a monthly vinyl night at which Jack plays along with some of the cities top DJs, a rarity in an era of CDJ’s.
Working alongside Rickey Trainor (formerly Rick Rude) he went on to secure a weekend residency at The famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel at their Tropicana Bar.

Now with 5 weekly residencies ranging from sports bars to speakeasy and an occasional nightclub,  including booking DJs for Hyde at Staples Center Downtown Los Angeles and events for corporations with venues such as Nordstrom, Topshop, The Glendale Galleria/The Grove Apple and Beats by Dre. Jacks style would be considered an open-format DJ able to play for any venue or crowd, mixing genres and catching people off guard by playing songs clients and club goers forgot about and bringing them back to life. Playing off of the vibe and the spot, he plays classic and new hip hop, classic rock, motown, dance music, pop, RnB and everything in between.